pink bits

Glitches highlight the levels of abstraction, risk and instability that accompany the translation of information via digital means. They interfere with the notion of perfect digital reproduction, and remind us of the constructed and transient nature of data. pink bits is the result of an encoding/compression error. In this instance all of the visual and aural information has been extracted except for the remaining glitch. Extending this visual extraction process, each image frame from pink bits was scanned using assisted vision software; and the tonal and spatial information of each still interpolated into audio frequencies. The individual sound files generated for each image are assembled to form the accompanying soundscape. pink bits is part of an ongoing research inquiry that explores the potential for glitches to be employed as an entry point into the critique of post-digital culture.




2012 Dark Drives, Transmediale 2012, Berlin, Germany
2012 Relationship Therapy, Loft Gallery, San Diego, USA



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